Isn’t Technology Supposed To Make Life Easier?

Having your computer and devices set up professionally makes all the difference.

Generation Tech provides a professional and reliable service to ensure your computer and devices are set up for your personal needs.

No matter what device you need help with, we can assist. From your smart TV and smartphone, through to your Apple CarPlay and Google Home – our dedicated technicians are experts in smart technology and will get you connected without the hassle.

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Our team of professionals can assist with the following services:

  • Connecting and synchronising devices
  • Internet setup and troubleshooting
  • Printer setup and troubleshooting
  • Streamlining access to email accounts
  • Creating/managing email and social media accounts
  • Organising/decluttering devices so they are easy to navigate
  • Software/app installation and updates
  • Training on how to use device features
  • Offering advice/recommendations on future tech purchases
  • Offering advice on mobile carriers/internet service providers
  • And much more!

Generation Tech offers a fully mobile service, meaning we come to you to ensure your devices are configured to your personal needs. This way we can also make sure your devices are integrated seamlessly with any other technology you own.

Once everything is set up, we’ll show you how to use key features – making sure you’re comfortable with your newly configured devices before we leave.


Generation Tech are experts in smart devices of all kinds:

  • Computers, Laptops, Notebooks
  • Phones, iPads, Tablets
  • Fitbits, Smart Watches, Smart TVs
  • Smart Assistants (e.g. Google Home)
  • In-car Systems (e.g. Apple CarPlay)
  • Wireless Home Sound Systems (e.g. Sonos)​
  • And many others!

‘Smart devices’ are essentially pieces of technology that are able to connect to the internet and to each other. They do this wirelessly by using Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile networks.​

When set up and configured for our personal needs, smart devices have the ability to make our lives easier and more fulfilling in a number of ways. Whether they’re keeping us connected with loved ones around the world (via email, messaging services and video-calling), giving us access to music, movies and TV streaming services, or quietly monitoring our health and fitness levels – smart devices can go a long way in helping us lead happy and healthy lifestyles.

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Our Process

We are proud to offer a comprehensive tech service that is designed to help our clients get the most out of their smart technology. We genuinely wish to help people gain greater confidence with their devices, which is why our customer-centric service has earned us a long list of repeat clients and referrals.

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When you call to make a booking, we will ask what devices need attention and what operating systems they are running on. If you’re unsure of this, we can help you figure it out.

We inform you of any steps you may need to take in regards to backing up your devices and data before we arrive. We can provide this service if you are unsure about doing it yourself, and we can also supply the necessary hardware if required.

One of our device experts will come to you at the agreed time. We ask that you have your account names and passwords handy, along with supervised access to the primary computer and/or smartphone, in order to fully configure your devices.

Depending on the job, these may include passcodes for your computer or smartphone, internet account and login details, Apple or Google sign-in information, email account information etc.

We go through our checklist to make sure we complete every task required. We will show you what has been done and how to use any key features. We will also give you a chance to practice using your devices, so that you feel comfortable before we leave.

Once you are satisfied with the work that has been done, we take payment on the spot. Cash is preferred to avoid bank fees; however, we also have card facilities available. Upon payment you will receive an invoice to your phone or email.

To ensure there are no further problems and you are still feeling comfortable using your devices after we leave, we will give you a courtesy call within the week.

If it clicks, beeps or hums – we can help!

If you’re looking for a reliable tech service with a difference, contact Generation Tech today.

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